Zeke Is A Male Villian From The Power Rangers' Series. He Is Black All Over With Gold Pads All Over His Body. He Is Best Known For Being Canadian And A Parody Of Ezekiel Of The Total Drama Series. Ezekiel Sometimes Calls Himself "Zeke" In The Series Though.

In Smash Bros Series:

Zeke Is A Locked Character. He Can Be Obtained After 100 Battles Or Fighting On The Dark Orb Stage 10 Times. He Has Abnormally High Attack Powers But Are Extremely Slow, Making Him An Exceptional Character. He Is A Parody Of Ganandorf In The Smash Bros Series.

Known Attacks:

  • Dark Punch
  • Dark Kick
  • Dark Slam
  • Shadow Punch
  • Choke Down
  • Upper Cut
  • Dark Tornado

Fianl Smash:

  • Dark Hurricane - A Raging Hurricane Appears On The Stage Targeting Everybody Insight

In Total Drama Series:

Zeke Is A Different Person Than His Villianous State. He Is More Easy To Manipulate And Fool But Is Fearless And Performs Well In Many Challenges.

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