Shakira Is A Female Human From The Bratz Series. She Is Blonde With Blue Eyes, Has Red Lipliner With Salmon Lipstick And Gray Eyeliner. She Sports A Red Cowgirl Hat, Brown Boots A Blue Skirt, A Brown Belt, And A White Rope-Like Shirt. She Is A Parody Of The Female Pop Singer Shakira And Regina George From Mean Girls. She Can Best Be Decribed As A Wannabe Mean Girl As She Tries Her Hardest To Stop People And Cause Drama.

In Smash Bros Series:

She Is A Locked Character That Can Be Obtained After Fighting On The Musicland Stage 50 Times Or By Playing A Fifty Minute Match. Her Performance Is Poor.

Known Attacks:

  • Slap
  • Lasso
  • Hat Hit
  • Boot Stomp
  • Kick
  • Scream
  • Sing
  • Attract
  • Sleep Kiss

Final Smash:

  • Concert - She Plays A Song As She Lassos One Character Onstage As She Screams To The Crowd To Come Get A Picture. The Crowd Rushes Onstage As They Trample The Foe.

In Total Drama Series:

She Tries Her Best To Get People To "Hate" Her. She Has Gotten Very Few People Voted Off But When She Does She Gets Voted Off Quickly Or Soon After. Her Performance Is Poor.

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