Firebird Is A Female Hidden Creature From Avatar. She Is A Very Mystical And Majestic Creature. She Has The Ability To Levitate And Is Said To Stay With Its Caretaker For Life. She Is Red All Over With Blue On Her Beak And Head And Tail With Yellow Eyes. She Is Said To Be Related To The Pokemon Moltres And Ho-Oh.

In Smash Bros:

She Has Appeared Recently In The Series Being A Trusted And Strong Player. She Is Among The Favorites Being Able To Dodge And Attack Well, Beating Most Of Her Obsticals. She Is An Unlocked Character.

Known Attacks:

  • Ember Ball
  • Fly
  • Wing Attack
  • Dragon Breath
  • Fire Spin
  • Flame Catcher
  • Perish Song
  • Agility
  • Camoflage
  • Thundershock
  • Rain

Final Smash:

  • Rapid Fire Blasts - She Emits A Series Of Fire Blast That Scorch The Foe More Than Two And It Is Hard To Recover.

In Total Drama:

She Is An Exceptional Player Outlasting Many Usually Making It Right Before Or After The Merge. She Is A Favored Person To Win And Is A Protagonist Of The Show.

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